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General Dentistry

General dentistry with Affordable prices and quality care for local community of Shree Balaji Dental, North lakes, Griffin, Dakabin, Bray Park, Lawnton, Strathpine, Murrumba downs, Margate, Redcliffe and nearby suburbs of Brisbane.


Fillings– Dental filling is most common procedure to treat tooth Decay, to build worn out teeth or broken teeth.

Most common type of filling procedure we perform here at Shree Balaji Dental is White fillings/tooth colored fillings /Composite fillings.

Now a days with advancement of dental technology (our technology) we have an alternative to unsightly Silver fillings.

At our state of art Shree Balaji Dental we place aesthetic tooth coloured fillings in front and back teeth.

With the help of tooth coloured material we match the shade of filling with your natural tooth shade and help you in smiling again with confidence.

Benefits of white fillings:-

Aesthetically appealing
Virtually Invisible
Comparatively reduced drilling time
Conserve and strengthen remaining tooth structure

However tooth colored fillings do need maintenance over time and Good oral hygiene habits for longetivity. If you need a filling Do not Delay! Call us to Book an Appointment at +91-9891916634 .

We help you in achieving the desired results you want, so Smile with us at Shree Balaji Dental.


Amalgam Removal:

Amalgam has been cheapest and durable filling material over the years.

Here at Shree Balaji Dental we remove Old worn out and cracked Amalgam/Silver Fillings with Tooth colored filling.