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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry :

Nervous patient!
Do not worry!!! We are here for you with sedation dentistry to help you. Dental Fear is more common then you may think. Many people suffer from dental fear or anxiety.

We hear “I do not like coming to dentist or dentists” on daily basis and we are well trained to deal with Dental phobias. If you are worried about pain let me tell you that Dentistry has evolved over the years and its much more comfortable now. We acknowledge that past experiences play a major role in dental phobias but that is a thing of past and we believe in Gentle dental care.


Most of the people are embarrassed or anxious about neglected or ignored dental hygiene over a period of time. Here at Shree Balaji Dental we do not criticize or Judge anyone. We are here to help and determined to find a solution to resolve that ingrained dental fear in your mind from your past experiences.With sedation dentistry you can feel the experience of pain free dentistry.

Please do not restraint yourself from dental treatments or regular check-ups due to fear. You can talk to our well trained professional team freely. We are here to listen, care and implicate as per you needs. We take pride in keeping your information confidential.

How can we help? :

Calm and comfortable environment.
Relaxing serene Environment.
Soothing Music: You are welcome to bring your own music collection to use while we provide the treatment.
Initial obligation free consults at our office if you do not like Idea of treatment room or chair.
Friendly First visit for kids.
Information packs especially compiled for people with dental phobias or anxiety with various options to choose from.
Do not hesitate!
Visit us or give us a call and ask how we can help.


Dental Anaesthesia:

Improved techniques to ease the discomfort and achieve successful dental anaesthesia


Inhalation sedation: Happy Gas is here to make you smile about dental treatment! Also known as nitrous oxide helps in alleviate anxiety and pain. Helps in increasing comfortability in dental chair.

Oral sedation :

With liaison of your GP our dental team can prescribe some oral sedation to you so that you are relaxed and calm at the time of your dental APPOINTMENT.