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Before undertaking any of the speciality dental treatment,prior submission of the estimate of charges from the dental consultant and approval there of from the competent authority is absolutely essential.

Speciality dental treatment like GINGIVECTOMY, FLAP, INALAYS,CROWNS BEIDGES, AND ORTHODONTIA,etc.will be permitted only after submission of a detailed certificate from the consultant specialist dental surgeon that such procedure is absolutely essential for treatment and prevention of a particular disease process and that without such treartment that general health of the patient will be adversely affected in the long run due to reasons to be given in each case .

In case the procedure is done by a competent BDS doctor and the charges for the treatment are reasonable in such cases,bill may be considered for the reimbursement , because at a every place MDS doctors are not available.

All the bills should be on printed searalised and with registeration number of the practioner.